About Us

The National Archery in the Schools Program has become the largest and most successful youth archery organization in the world. Since inception in 2002, over 18 million students in 47 states and 11 other countries have enjoyed a safe and positive experience as a part of NASP®. In June of 2018, a steering committee of NASP® graduates was assembled to discuss the idea of a NASP® Alumni Association. After a very positive response from the steering committee, the decision was made by NASP® leadership to move forward with a pilot program to establish an alumni effort among the one million archers that have experienced NASP® in the state of Kentucky.

Following the steering committee meeting in June, it was obvious that this small group of alumni were very excited about reconnecting with something that brought them so much joy while in school. The first words from most of them were how they wanted to give back to those currently enrolled in the program! Many steering committee members attributed NASP® as the driving force that led them to bowhunting and other forms of target archery during and after NASP®. This supports our recent survey data regarding the influence of NASP®. The dialogue was powerful, and we could not be more excited.